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Project Delivery Systems

NIBCA members provide a full range of services and Project Delivery Systems. From traditional General Contractor to Construction Manager at Risk, our members have the skills and expertise to meet the exact needs of any commercial construction project. Following are descriptions of some of these methods:

General Contractor

Utilizing a General Contactor is the traditional project delivery method. Based on drawings provided by an Architect hired by the Owner, the General Contractor provides a total cost to the Owner for completion of the project, including all materials and subcontractor services. The General Contractor can be selected through bidding or negotiation.

Construction Manager (not at risk)

The role of the Construction Manager is to represent and protect the Owner’s interests throughout the entire project, from design to completion. The Construction Manager works with the team of Architects and Engineers to plan, schedule, coordinate and oversee the construction of the project.

Construction Manager-at-Risk

The role of Construction Manager-at-Risk is similar to that of a Construction Manager; however, the CM-at-Risk typically assumes risk for the project and project cost by issuing a guaranteed maximum price to the owner. The CM-at-Risk is responsible for all aspects of the project, from planning through construction for the purpose of controlling time, costs and quality. Often the CM-at-Risk will also serve as the General Contractor, retaining and managing all subcontractors and suppliers.


Design-Build is a project delivery method which combines architectural and engineering design services with construction performance under one contract agreement. This method provides a single point of responsibility for the design and construction of a project, instead of design and construction working separately.