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Education committee members are charged with the responsibility of enhancing  the educational resources, programs and materials available for NIBCA members, employees, potential employees and industry-related entities.  They are further tasked with expanding and improving the incoming workforce for the next decade.

Members are expected to work toward educational programs and resources in collaborative efforts with universities, colleges, junior colleges, public and private high schools, junior high schools, charter schools, community groups, apprenticeship programs, the National AGC, AGC chapters, political entities and all others with which liaisons could be mutually profitable.

Specific programs in pursuit of the mission shall be the responsibility of the committee but should include scholarships, internships, development of resource materials, outreach to local junior high and high schools, development of public relations materials highlighting the program and periodic reporting to NIBCA members and the board.

Committee Members:

Jake Dykstra, Cord Construction Company
Chad Oates, Koja Construction Company
Joe Scandroli, Jr., Scandroli Construction Company
Grant Sjostrom, Sjostrom & Sons, Inc.
Earl Wilsey, Schmeling Construction Company