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Public Users Guide

Public construction is often a complex and frustrating challenge for public officials. Many officials, particularly those new to the public arena, have had limited exposure to the constantly evolving construction industry and the various solutions that are available to execute a successful project. This guide is designed to provide officials and others involved in the public construction process with an overview of the various Project Delivery Systems that are available.

In the past 25 years, the construction industry has seen a remarkable evolution of Project Delivery Systems in response to increasing owner requirements, budget constraints, urgency of schedules, heightening demand for safety and quality, and the necessity for reducing adversity/increasing collaboration in construction. The private sector has predominately led the way in adopting new systems. However, the public sector, faced with many of the same issues and well as the obligation of stewardship of taxpayer monies, are quickly adapting these systems and witnessing the benefits they have to offer.